55 Brilliant Tunes To Learn on the Ukulele

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A Small Handful From A Big Pot

4acb8e205ee3b5ef5620b8a1fecf24caBeginners of the Ukulele are always looking for new tunes to learn and practice with and here today we bring you a list of 55 excellent tunes taking from BeatNik’s Ukulele Songbook which would you believe has now at last count, 2654 tunes available and always rising for all Ukulele enthusiasts to learn.

BeatNik’s book, just like his Speak Ukulele 2 software, has become hugely popular due to the amount of tunes and chords (2654) that are there for you too learn and there is music from every category from Rock, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Country, Pop, Movie music, Lullaby and so much more well checking out.

Below is just the tip of the iceberg and some of the tunes I liked learning. His popular book makes it very easy to learn as does his teaching software which are well worth checking out For Ukulele enthusiasts looking to broadening their music knowledge find out all about his Ukulele Song book here. Enjoy.

1. A Hard Day’s Night                  Beatles
2. A Well Respected Man                   Kinks
3. After Hours                        Velvet Underground
4. Ain’t No Cure For Love               Leonard Cohen
5. Alma Mater                                     Alice Cooper
6. Anarchy in the UK                          Sex Pistols
7. Apache                                              Sugarhill Gang
8. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain              Willie Nelson
9. Blueberry Hill                               Fats Domino
10. Boys don’t cry                              The Cure
11. Bridge Over Troubled Water              Simon and Garfunkel
12. Brown Sugar                             Rolling Stones
13. California Dreaming                    Mamas and the Papas
14. California Sun                          Ramones
15. Can’t Keep                              Eddie Vedder
16. Changes                                    David Bowie
17. Chiquitita                                    ABBA
18. Complicated                               Avril Lavigne
19. Crazy Little Thing Called Love             Queen
20. Creep                                              Radiohead
21. Dancing In The Dark                    Bruce Springsteen
22. Daydream Believer                        Monkees
23. Deep Water                                 Portishead
24. Despair In The Departure Lounge               Arctic Monkeys
25. Dirty Old Town                                  Pogues
26. Don’t Dream It’s Over                       Crowded House
27. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore                  Duke Ellington/Bob Russell
28. Every Breath You Take                            Police
29. Fairytale of New York                                   Pogues
30. Father Ted Theme                                  The Divine Comedy
31. Fisherman’s Blues                                       Waterboys
32. Going to California                                     Led Zeppelin
33. Good Riddance – G                                  Green Day
34. Hallelujah                                                   Leonard Cohen
35. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger                Daft Punk
36. I Fought The Law                                          Clash
37. I Shot The Sheriff                                           Bob Marley and the Wailers
38. I Wanna Be Like You                                    Disney
39. Into My Arms                                            Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
40. It’s Time To Get Laid                         Kate Micucci and William H. Macy
41. Keep The Car Running                        Arcade Fire
42. Light My Fire                                      The Doors
43. Mother’s Little Helper                  Rolling Stones
44. Never Tear Us Apart                         INXS
45. Oxford Comma                              Vampire Weekend
46. Perfect Day                                      Lou Reed
47. Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars                 Frank Sinatra
48. Rocky Road to Dublin                   Dubliners
49. Stairway to Heaven                        Led Zeppelin
50. The Boys are Back in Town              Thin Lizzy
51. Underneath The Bunker                        REM
52. Van Diemen’s Land                                    U2
53. Walk Of Life                                          Dire Straits
54. Yellow                                                       Coldplay
55. Ziggy Stardust                                      David Bowie

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