BeatNik’s Speak Ukulele 2 Tutorial Still No1 For Learning the Ukulele

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BeatNik’s Speak Ukulele 2, Best Online

How easy is it to buy a Ukulele online?A few years back I was helping promote this amazing product but had never played a Ukulele. Maybe this was 2011. When I came across a friends Uke, I borrowed it and tried out this training system and never looked back.

Now, I’m not the greatest of players and do it to amuse myself, but this is all thanks to BeatNik’s Speak Ukulele 2 software and I am always glad to share and talk about this amazing technology.

We still get mails here asking about the software, mostly from parents who can not afford tutors but would like their children to learn how to play a Ukulele, and when we send them on to try out this software the feedback of love is amazing and makes us happy here on our site.

But, the reason this product has become the no1 best selling musical instrument teaching programme is because it suits everyone, adults and children and it works, loved by millions.

What Is BeatNik’s Speak Ukulele 2?

hqdefaultJust a quick re-cap as we have already talked in-dept about here in this review of the product you should read.

Basically you can learn to speak music through the Ukulele. Read, understand it, converse in it. Beatnik says “It’s easier to learn the words to a song than it is to a speech. Learning the right way so you do not tune out.”

This downloadable software, for all devices, will teach you how to play the Ukulele.You will learn how to play any cord you come across.

It is a breakthrough interactive education system that teaches you 165 uke chords, how to play from memory and has a special feature to learn to play songs by ear.

It is based on a simple premise that music is a language. Notes are like the letters of an alphabet and these notes form words that we call chords, and the chords are strung together to create, song.

You will easily learn to play any song sheet just like a pro.

You can access hundreds of hours of hands on instruction and interactive quizzes. Plus 168 chords including the name of the chords, the finger position of the actual fret board image, the sound of the chord been strung slowly, and the sound of a chord as you might hear it in a song

Each component can be switched on or off which allows you a multitude of ways to develop your own lesson plans and to help develop your technique. Training is broken down into Beginner, Advanced, and Expert levels. The Play By Ear mode is a revolutionary technique!

There is so much more to do with this software. If you are looking to learn how to play a Ukulele then you must try it out. Watch the video below and hear all beatnik has to say. You will not be disappointed with this software. Take it from a pure novice.

Watch the Video below and learn all about this hugely popular Uke training programme. Speak Ukulele 2 - Watch Video Now!


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