Beatnik’s Online Interviews

It is great to find a number of positive reviews and videos spread out all over the net about Beatnik’s Speak Ukulele 2 course because it is finally great to see a product that actually works and is actually helping people become better Ukulele Players or helping the complete novice.

I have come across some excellent interviews with the man himself, the creator of this fantastic music software Beatnik and the interviews were conducted by the guys over at Speak Ukulele Reviews. It is refreshing to find such footage as for people about to buy his Online software that remain skeptical and unsure it is great to see the man in person who developed the programme, why he did and also just to see that he realy is just a cool nice guy, a Ukulele player that wants to help you improve or become a Ukulele player.

These are great Interviews that were on youtube and I’m a little jealous ha! that they got to hang out with Beatnik at his home and have a chat and jam. But, it is great exposure and interesting to all the people who have downloaded the programme, who are currently enjoying it’s excellent value to see the man who has created it. Enjoy the Interviews.