Claire Boucher Aka Grimes Shows Us How To Rock The Ukulele

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Grimes Plays Some Haunting Gorgeous Music on the Ukulele

Claire Boucher Aka Grimes Shows Us How To Rock The UkuleleI’ve been a massive fan of the music and art of Claire Boucher, who uses the name Grimes, for a couple of years now. She is very unique and packed full of talent.

Recently, I came across a video (watch below) of Grimes, playing the Ukulele to an unknown track in Canada. As Grimes is normally associated with electronics and her primary instruments would be her voice, keyboards and synthesizers while using looping and layering techniques, it was an exciting pleasure to find a video of Grimes going all unplugged, just using the Ukulele and her voice and wow, I was blowing away.

This video is all about the unique voice that draws you in and the simple sound of the ukulele adds to the haunting melancholy sound. This was recorded in 2010, collaborating with TVMcGill and Leacock’s Recorded at the corner of Parc Ave. and Van Horne Ave. in Montreal and when I first heard and seen this I actually thought it was in a cave with the echoing sound and the fact that Claire is freezing and wrapped in a fur coat.

I hope you enjoy this and I also hope Grimes does a lot more unplugged sessions as her voice is just to good, her control is amazing and the fact that we love Ukuleles here on our site and for me personally, to have my favourite artist of all time play one with such stunning beauty and haunting sounds, adds to my love of Grimes and Ukuleles, enjoy!


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