Dan Kelly Nothing Compares To You On The Ukulele

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Dan Kelly Nothing Compares To You On The UkuleleJust heard this on a radio the other day and really liked it so I just had to hunt it down. Every one remembers the song that was written by Prince and song by the talented Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares To You, a beautiful song and classed as a classic.

Well I heard this version being played on the Ukulele by an Australian singer-songwriter by the name of Dan Kelly and I loved it. Have a listen, it is very cool, very chilled out version of this song and again making the Ukulele the king of instruments.

It is from and album called No Mans Woman and I ‘m sure if you want to learn to play Nothing Compare To You on the Ukulele you can find the chords on Beatniks Ukulele song book I talked about earlier which is quite amazing. For more info on Dan Kelly, visit hist Official Website. Enjoy.




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