Easy Ukulele Songs-Beatniks Ultimate Ukulele Song Book

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Ukulele Songs Easy To Play And Learn

Ultimate Ukulele SongbookTechnology is moving so fast with online software and Apps for phones and excitingly with-in the Ukulele world there are now great Apps that can help us play our Ukuleles better and also a great App by Beatnik that gives us over 2000 songs to learn to play wow!

As you can probably guess from this site I am a huge fan (like thousands of others) of Beatnik, the great man who created the Speak Ukulele 2 Course I have been promoting his music software simply because it is fantastic and has helped thousands of newbies like myself get started playing our Ukuleles and now as I (slowly) progress my confidence is growing as well and my enthusiasm.

Over on Beatnik’s site, he also has a Ukulele song book which is not really a book but more a digital sheet music software App which has over 2000 songs on it and displays the pages using streaming technology.

For any Ukulele fanatics beginners or advanced this is an amazing App. Think about it, no more sheet music to hold in your hand (especially if you are outside playing on a breezy day) and no more big sheet music books (think about how big a 2000 tune sheet music book would be) it is all there is an App and easy to download, happy days.

There is a great mix of music here such as Jazz, Rock, Gospel, folk, Hawaiian and Traditional and also Beatnik asks Ukulele players to send their music in to him and he will add it to the software so this baby is just going to keep growing and growing and the list of popular and original music available to all who download this App is gone to be huge.

It is $24-$29 at the moment, and absolute bargain but as more and more music is added the price will go up so for any Ukulele enthusiasts out there this is a valuable investment.

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It is well worth taking a look even at the list of songs. I wish I could list them all but that would take me ages just head over and check it out, here is a taste though……….

Easy Ukulele Songs-Beatniks Ultimate Ukulele Song Book12th Street Rag – Euday L. Bowman
24 Hours from Tulsa – Gene Pitney
500 Miles – Proclaimers
A Message To You Rudy – Dandy Livingstone
A Whiter Shade Of Pale – Procol Harum
Across the Universe – Beatles
Always Something There To Remind Me – Burt Baccarach
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown – Jim Croce
Country Honk – Rolling Stones
Cry Me a River – Ella Fitzgerald
First We Take Manhattan – Leonard Cohen
Fisherman’s Blues – Waterboys
I Got A Woman – Ray Charles
Jealous Guy     – John Lennon
Jealous Kind of Love – Noah and the Whale

As I said 2000+ and growing songs for you to learn to play, amazing and will help stop you flicking through the Internet looking for something to play. You can check out a list of 2000 songs here ==>

Beatnik is a cool dude as you will see for yourself and as the popularity of the Ukulele is growing, so is Beatniks following, which I am glad to be apart off, be sure to join us and enjoy playing, ciao!!


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