Eddie Vedders Ukulele Songs Rocks Period

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Eddie Vedders Ukulele Songs Rocks PeriodI have seen just a couple of bad reviews for the latest music adventure by the great Eddie Vedder and these bad reviews have come by the hard core die hard fans of Pearl Jam who just cannot comprehend what Eddie is up to, but, to music lovers and also Ukulele fanatics, this is truly a beautiful and personal album and I love it.

You really do not need to be into Ukuleles, Eddie Vedder or Pearl Jam to appreciate just how good of a music album it really is, it is very universal (but of course not to everyone on the planets taste) but, if you do love the sound of the Ukulele, the power and beauty of Eddie Vedders voice, great song writing you will love his new album “Ukulele Songs” That was Released on May 31st. It is a collection of some original and some cover songs and it is well worth a place in your music collection.

The First song (see video below) “Can’t Keep” is a fast paced Ukulele playing song and it blows me away, it is amazing and taking from the Pearl Jam Album Riot Act. The following few tracks chill you out and haunt you big time. “Sleeping By Myself,” “Without You,” Goodbye,” and “Broken Heart” are power with a soft mood from Vedders cool voice.

Eddie Vedders Ukulele Songs Rocks PeriodWhen we reach “Satellite” it Livens up things leading us to track 8 and one of my favorite “Longing To Behold” (see video below) what a gorgeous track. With some added guest vocalists, Glen Hansard joins in on a great song “Sleepless Nights” and on the album there is also a cover of the classic Ukulele song “Tonight You Belong to me” made famous in one of my favorite movies The Jerk and sung by the great Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters.how to play a ukulele

The album Finishes with a cover of The Mamas and Papas tune “Dream a little Dream” and sung in typical Eddie Vedder style. To me I love this album and I believe if you are a lover of the Ukulele, A Pearl Jam Fan or love the voice of Eddie Vedder you will love this album. Go Here To buy the album at Amazon

It is very charming, tender, powerful and a well produced laid out gorgeous album. Of course it is not for everyone but I am very confidant it can be loved by all.

It took a couple of weeks to come from Amazon (which was unusual) but it was well worth the wait. I have now ordered the music DVD that accompanies the Album ‘Water on the Road’ (check out the trailer below, awesome) and I am very much looking forward to watching it and I am sure I will let you all know just how good it is.

As for when you view and listen to this album by Eddie Vedder, you will see why I highly Recommend it, it is perfect for laid back Sundays and basically just chilling to wonderful music. Enjoy. If you have this album I would love to here your views in the comment box below.






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