Kate Micucci And W.H. Macy Rocking The Ukulele

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Hollywood Is A Growing Uke Fan!

Kate Micucci And W.H. Macy Rocking The UkuleleI came across this video which features the multi talented Kate Micucci and the brilliant actor William H Macy both playing the Ukulele with a very catchy tune with funny lyrics.

This was done to plug there 2008 movie “Bart Got A Room” and though we know that Kate is a fantastic Ukulele player, William seems to be a talented player too ( I wonder is he as good as Steve Martin?).

I’m a big fan of Kate Micucci and I have only discovered her lately, very cool woman. Her site is well worth checking out.

She is very talented and her portfolio would include Puppet making, Sandcastle making in Los Angeles, acting (remember Scrubs, movies) she’s an Artist and now spends a lot of her time, wandering LA, playing the Ukulele, pretty cool.








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