Speak Ukulele-Who Is Beatnik

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Just Who Is Beatnik?

Speak Ukulele-Who Is BeatnikHere’s a little about the man and his Ukulele. Nick Night is a well known celebrity entertainer and and has traveled for 20 years entertaining.

He is mostly know as “Beatnik” (cool name) is very creative and artsy type of a guy and also a successful animator and games creator. He is the vice president of a highly respected television studio in Los Angeles and director of an educational media company.

Beatnik is a self-described Ukulele Hedonist who learned how to play the very same way you are right now – by finding some cool, helpful sites online and watching some great tutorial videos.

With his experience of Ukulele playing, his animation and games creating back ground, hes has combined all His knowledge to create the popular Speak Ukulele software and educational programme that is becoming a huge hit on the internet among wannabe Ukulele players and Pros alike.

Be sure to check it out it is a fantastic Ukulele training course.


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