55 Brilliant Tunes To Learn on the Ukulele

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A Small Handful From A Big Pot

4acb8e205ee3b5ef5620b8a1fecf24caBeginners of the Ukulele are always looking for new tunes to learn and practice with and here today we bring you a list of 55 excellent tunes taking from BeatNik’s Ukulele Songbook which would you believe has now at last count, 2654 tunes available and always rising for all Ukulele enthusiasts to learn.

BeatNik’s book, just like his Speak Ukulele 2 software, has become hugely popular due to the amount of tunes and chords (2654) that are there for you too learn and there is music from every category from Rock, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Country, Pop, Movie music, Lullaby and so much more well checking out.